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Do you want to improve your gameplay in CS2 like the talented players you see on Youtube? One of the best ways to join the ranks of pro gamers is by adjusting your mouse sensitivity settings. However, this can be difficult if you want to convert your CS2 sensitivity to other games. That's where our CS2 sensitivity calculator comes in! We'll show you how to use our mouse sensitivity converter to easily change your CS2 sens to and from your existing games to your new target game.

About This Sens Calculator

Sensgod makes it easy for you to keep your game sensitivities between different games, as well as changes with your mouse DPI. All you need to do is to put in your CS2 sens in the "Convert sens from" section, select the new game under "Convert sens to", then fill out your current sensitivity.

Ever wondered how to convert mouse sensitivity for free from CS2 sens to, let's say, Valorant sensitivity? With our converter, not only can you effortlessly convert sensitivities, but you also get to understand the mouse movement required for a full 360 in-game turn. Whether you're making a 360° turn or a subtle aim, Sensgod ensures precision and maintains your muscle memory across different game modes.

The easy-to-use interface of our converter allows you to convert sensitivities between games seamlessly. Enter the sensitivity you've been using in CS2 or any other game, and our calculator will instantaneously calculate and display your new converted sensitivity. Moreover, this handy calculator allows you to discern how your DPI, or mouse DPI, will correspond with your in-game sensitivity.

Lots of players use a lower sensitivity in CS2 for that pinpoint aim, but when they switch to another game, the mouse movement feels off. But worry not! Sensgod's mouse sensitivity converter calculator ensures that converting your CS2 sens is as smooth as a breeze.

Features of our Sensgod tool include:

  • Mouse Sensitivity Calculator: This section allows you to enter the sensitivity, DPI, and even the polling rate of your current game. Once done, simply select your target game mode, and watch as the calculator does its magic.
  • Support for Various Games: Whether it's the classic CS content, Valorant, or even WarzoneCall of Duty, Sensgod supports many game conversions, ensuring a seamless transition between your favorite FPS games.
  • DPI Calculator: Beyond the regular DPI, get a deep dive into your effective DPI (EDPI) for that added edge in gameplay.

Want to improve your aim? Consider using an aim trainer alongside Sensgod. With our calculator, you can easily convert mouse sensitivity settings and then test the sensitivity in an aim trainer of your choice. Keep in mind that gaming is as much about muscle memory as it is about strategy.

So, whether you're diving into multiplayer madness, exploring new game settings, or just want an easy-to-use tool to convert sensitivities, Sensgod is here to help. And remember, increasing your mouse DPI or tweaking your in-game settings can be a game-changer. Use this calculator, then hop into the game and see the difference for yourself!

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